Web Hosting today demands a personalized approach that offers streamlined services to clients irrespective of the size or capacity of their organizations. That’s what we are all about. Founded 10 years ago as a full service IT company, has evolved into a Microsoft Hosting Specialist that offers flexible and reliable hosting packages. Having a first hand experience of the many minute changes that has occurred in the world of hosting technology over the years, Dade2 is a skilled, experienced and qualified hosting partner for hundreds of organizations today.



There are probably thousands of hosting companies in the world now. Why should you offer your business to It is a very valid question and here are some answers:


DADE2 GREEN DATA CENTER is an organization has always focussed towards creating a business model that causes minimum stress on our fragile eco-system.

We realize that small businesses cannot afford to waste their resources whereas a large organization that produces waste leaves behind large carbon footprints. As we function in a potentially wasteful industry (web hosting) that can guzzle down a large amount of energy if left unmonitored and produce significantly large amount of waste, Dade2 has worked hard to be different.

Custom Design
  • Tier III+ level of resilience (2N UPS for critical systems)
  • Centrally stored Inergen gas fire suppression system
  • Carrier neutral facility with fiber from major providers delivered via two separate points of entry located on opposite sides of the facility
  • Campus supports more than 23000 square metres of technical space
  • 24/7 on-site building monitoring
  • 24/7 security staff, strictly enforced security procedures
  • Card access control system and photo ID badging
  • Multiple CCTV cameras (interior and exterior)
  • Multiple mantraps
HVAC Environment
  • Primary cooling: direct free air
  • Secondary cooling: indirect free air with glycol heat exchanger
  • Cooling method: raised floor, cold aisle containment
  • Cooling suitable for 4kW -20kW, customised density available at higher levels
  • ASHRAE TC 9.9 compliant
  • Natural water aquifer located on campus if water cooling required
Power Conditioning
  • Dual-sourced 100% renewable power
  • 45 MVA from on-campus substation with N+1 transformers
  • N+N configuration UPS modules with 6 minutes battery backup time
  • N+N configuration UPS with minimum 48 hours fuel on site
  • Up to 120 MVA available on site
  • Voltage 400/230

All of our servers are located in our brand new facilities in Iceland. The structure is TierIII+ certified & rely exclusively on green energy coming from geothermic activity. Our data center thrive in this temperate climate. The energy is clean, and renewable. Pollution from energy production is non-existent and the carbon footprint is absolutely zero. We do not have to rely on energy guzzling air conditioners to keep our data center cool because the temperature naturally cools it. Our data center is located strategically midway between the United States and Europe. This allows our consumers to minimize bandwidth usage and network latency. At the same time our green business model ensures that you significantly reduce your carbon footprint. All network connections are double to each POD and house-in-house environment. Connections to the Internet are via multiple fibre cables provided by Mila and FarIce. Bandwidth is provided by multiple service providers and an Internet peering service in London and Copenhagen. Our Datacenter can provide Internet connections to its customers up to 10Gb and is ISO27001 certified.


We are committed to providing you with unabridged services all year round and hence have multiple back up power sources that get activated in case of a national power failure (Not occurred for the last 20 years). A UPS system gets activated immediately which works for around 20 to 30 minutes before our powerful diesel engines take over. These are tested and primed every month for optimum performance. We have an additional diesel engine that is used only if the primary one fails to fire.


The technology is far-reaching. The pace is quick. The rewards are substantial. If these are qualities you find attractive in a job, Dade2 may be the company for you. We’re looking for bright, energetic people to add to our exceptional team of IT professionals and Sales Executives.


Our Dade2 consultants deliver a vast array of services, including: application development, technical architecture design, business analysis, strategic information planning, project management, technical writing, software product installation and support, and more. And we deliver it across all platforms and technologies.

At Dade2, we offer employees an opportunity to grow professionally by challenging their skills and knowledge in varied client settings. We are an enthusiastic, vibrant organization dedicated to working with our consultants to build satisfying and rewarding careers.

Dade2 is an Equal Opportunity Employer. If you would like to explore a career opportunity with us, please send us your resume at