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IT Strategies

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Shaping the logistics industry

Innovative solutions can be derived from implementing proper transformation and logistics management. The result of this effort is the delivery of ordered goods to the right locations and at the right time. The primary objective of this initiative is to facilitate quick and cost-effective service delivery.

Standard processes done in the warehouse such as inventory management, confirming and tracking orders, billing and monitoring the transportation of cargo can be enhanced when logistics companies integrate unique ERP and SCM software in their system. This is done to achieve a higher level of sustainability for the distribution processes.

At Dade2 our services will be extremely valuable to our customers in the logistics business. We form a partnership with the ISVs from whom the software has been sourced to ensure that after implementation, orders will be quickly processed and dispatched to provide quick delivery to your customers. We guarantee that by engaging our services, your distribution lifecycle will run flawlessly with minimal checks.

Your business applications need to be efficient at all times. We will host these applications in our secure data centres. We handle this aspect of your business to allow you to focus on core income-generating operations. We handle all worries regarding procuring and managing the right IT infrastructure to save your time. Our team also guarantees maximum uptime to ensure that your applications are always available 24/7. This means your customer support team will have readily available tools to handle their duties professionally.
Transportation and fleet management

We can help you establish a system to manage your transportation fleet more effectively. The benefits include lower overhead costs and maximization of benefits from utilizing the right resources. You will also have remote access to data for your transportation and fleet documentation as well as a seamless invoicing and communication system in real-time.

Inventory management

Improve the visibility through your supply chain while enhancing system security by taking advantage of services which allow you to access your entire system and our integrated solutions remotely. We can create a secure channel through which your team can remotely access time-sensitive information such as tracking shipping details online and mapping.

Warehousing and order fulfillment

Your business will benefit from the best IT and virtual desktop management system to increase transparency, real-time tracking, and higher efficiency. The outcome is enhanced communication and quick delivery. There will be a remarkable improvement in the functions of your team when they can easily access useful information needed to manage orders..

Reduce IT costs.  Increase Data Security.  Increase Software Scalability

Contact us today. We will be happy to tell you how Dade2 can improve the operations at your logistics center by implementing better data security systems and quick access to data at all times.


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