Banking / FinancialCloud Solutions For The Banking and Finacial world

Currently, organizations offering financial services are contending
with different kinds of issues caused by difficulty in meeting the
increasing demands of customers, and the shareholders.

To sustain growth and the need to remain competitive has also made
these organizations contend with severe pressure as well as the need
to meet specific regulatory requirements.

The solution to thee challenges lies in the organization’s efforts to
create and promote a better system in which digital solutions
focused on the products and customers are used to address the challenges.

Security, compliance, and support for the financial services industry

The major concerns clients have include the ease of use, security, and compliance. We understand these worries, and we are consistently exploring more ways through which our collaborative efforts with the financial institutions can develop all types of digital solutions to meet the needs of our clients regarding compliance, security, and support.

With the use of cloud services, we offer the most dependable solution to all your corporate and operational issues.

Our clients include firms which offer investment packages and financial management, venture capital, accounting and other financial services. You can rely on our expert team who leverage on their excellent industry experience to meet your needs.

Our solutions have already been helpful to many organizations in your business sector, we have helped our past clients to achieve the following accomplishments:

  • Provide and maintain a secure infrastructure
  • provision of security for their data and applications
  • maintain compliance while leveraging the flexible advantages of the cloud.

Dade2 benefit for financial and banking market

We have included an extra support system that ensures our clients continue to benefit from our guidance and operational support in the long-term. This way, the business owners can focus on meeting the financial needs of their customers without any distractions.
Secure and sensitive data

The importance of using secure systems and platforms cannot be overlooked. Our position in this industry enables us to provide the best security services and monitoring application to detect and prevent threats as well as a regularly updated response and remediation service.

We guarantee comprehensive protection for your business by deploying the following security tools — across AWS, VMware®, Microsoft Azure®, Microsoft HyperV® and traditional dedicated environments — under our watch; your business will remain protected from cyber attacks.

Maintain compliance

There are several agencies that have been instituted to ensure that the consumers in every industry are protected. This applies to the financial sector, and the goal is to ensure that all services are offered with a high level of integrity.

If your firm is facing challenges with compliance, we can help you meet the demands of the various regulations that apply to data safety. We use an exclusive hosting platform PCI SS which is reputed to be the best choice regarding the provision of safety for customer data and to meet the compliance requirements in the financial sector.

Customize a solution

You can get ahead of the competition who face similar challenges by making the following changes:

  • Increasing the number and variety of financial services your organizations provides;
  • Including offers to render your services regionally, nationally, and globally;
  • Extend the coverage of your services to cater to a wide demographics those increasing your customer base;
  • Our team will develop the most suitable solution to address the issues your firm is contending with, and the flexibility of our system will change and upgrade your services.
Get expert support

Many companies find it challenging to sustain the maintenance of the infrastructure and relevant applications. It is also expensive to keep an in-house professional team to offer these services. However, these needs cannot be overlooked due to the important role they play in your business operations.

Our expert, IT team, can manage and improve your IT services whether it includes complex applications. By taking advantage of new technologies, you can remain competitive in your industry while meeting the increasing demands of all your customers.


Why Choose Dade2

Comprehensive support and hosting management

Your apps and data can be securely hosted in a professionally managed standard environment which is compliant with the PCI DSS SOC 1/2/3 and Safe Harbor requirements. This way, you can lower all kinds of risks.

Exclusive clouds services

We offer a single tenant cloud service for firms that require high-level privacy. This means more security for important business applications.

Hybrid cloud services

Take advantage of the unique features of private and public cloud with our professionally managed hybrid cloud services such as AWS, Microsoft, OpenStack®, VMware and Google®.

Reliable public cloud services

Public cloud services can help your financial team perform better due to easily accessible records and lower workload, while we operate in the background managing your cloud services to ensure uninterrupted service delivery.

Encrypted storage

Encrypted storage services are highly regarded in the financial sector due to the nature of the operations. We have partnered with reliable companies such as Dell EMC™ and NetApp® to ensure that your financial data remains secure and confidential.

Online threat management

Imagine an online security package that offers non-stop protection every day of the year. We take no risks because one error may just be long enough to experience an attack, so we ensure that never happens.

We order, first of all

As the complexity of your organization increases, costs can become overwhelming. Take advantage of our expertise to achieve your target.

We believe in cloud

Infrastructure as a service made to enhance your ideas. Provide your business with the technology tools to compete and unlimited support.

The best solution, after us

Negotiating contracts with many cloud providers is not easy. We take care of arbitrage, intermediation and integration to make sure you get more for less.

Our Squad, your team

Enabling organizations of all sizes to leverage technology in the best and most efficient manner possible. Business value without the price tag.

With us, safe and sound

Reduce risk and ensure compliance with our auditing and hardening services. Obtain compliance on standards such as SOX, HIPAA, ISO 27001 and GDPR.