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At Dade2 we offer a unique advantage to our clients who wish to reduce compliance risks and the costs of establishing a high-standard IT system suitable for their needs. We offer a wide range of services which include support and consultancy to help you make the best decisions during the purchase of IT resources directly from the providers.
We have a vast knowledge of all the cloud systems available in the market, and you can take advantage of our in-depth information to make better decisions regarding IT purchase and instalment. We can guide you on how to save money by taking advantage of the unique negotiation opportunities we have with the main providers available./span>

Our experts have also designed the best brokerage and management services which include the provision of ITaaS for you. Our satisfaction comes from helping our customers to make the best IT choices that will support the growth of their businesses while being financially sustainable.

CSB Process

Standard IT Audit Procedure

As part of our value-added services, we ensure that our clients benefit from a well-designed plan which supports regular and recommended an audit of your cloud service providers, to provide insights which will help your team achieve their IT goals. Our support services enable your in-house team to understand the crucial features of your current hosting services, the different features and how they can be used to achieve set goals.

Choosing the best providers

It can get very confusing when you receive bids from different providers especially when you do not know the right services required for your business. We provide the right guidance regarding relevant questions that should be asked and how to evaluate expectations from the answers provided. In the end, the best decision will be made.

We consider long-term value

Analyzing the various tenders will include a focus on determining the providers that not only offer services that are suitable for your business, but we will develop a shortlist from the tenders received comprising of the providers that exhibit the most potential to provide long-term and satisfactory services.

Final selection

Our expert consultants at Dade2 Cloud Brokerage understand the common systems applicable when scoring tenders. We put your interests first. The interview stage for the shortlisted vendors is most critical during the selection process. Our focus during interviews is to determine how the vendors technical and account management teams plan to offer the best services in line with their initial bid proposals.

Transparency and Professional Support

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make by following wrong advice is to implement a shadow IT system by ignoring the standard IT protocols while using public cloud services. The consequence of this action is high IT management costs, increased cyber risks, and lack of stability in the system. Let’s talk about your IT needs; we can help you implement the Shadow IT system for your central IT system at controlled costs and to enable access to the most reputable cloud services which offer fast and secure services.