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Our cloud hosting support team are here to help law firms of all sizes quickly and securely get their websites and applications into the cloud.

Whether a website, intranet or business app, we can develop a custom cloud hosting solution for your business. We will work closely with you to architect and implement a server configuration to fit your firms needs. And we can support a wide range of platforms so you can build and manage any type of website or business application.

The service is backed by a dedicated, knowledgeable support team that is available every step of the way to troubleshoot and resolve platform and server problems and ensure maximum stability, performance and availability. Dade2 Cloud also offers a variety of professional services that can be tailored to meet your unique needs.

If you accept that data is critical to your legal firm and that the management of that data is equally important, then you want to establish a relationship with a provider like Dade2 that will be a partner with you and not a faceless vendor who just sells commodity solutions.


can provide
your firm

  • How many mobile devices will have access to your system both locally and remotely?
  • How many users will need to access the different applications from shared or public stations?
  • Have you determined the networks based on VPN, dedicated public, wired, wireless that can be used to access data?
  • Which devices use public Wi-Fi networks?
  • How many of the supported devices will be monitored by your IT team?
  • What kind of devices will be brought into the environment by your employees?
  • What application workloads should be stored in the cloud or kept on local infrastructure?

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We order, first of all

As the complexity of your organization increases, costs can become overwhelming. Take advantage of our expertise to achieve your target.

We believe in cloud

Infrastructure as a service made to enhance your ideas. Provide your business with the technology tools to compete and unlimited support.

The best solution, after us

Negotiating contracts with many cloud providers is not easy. We take care of arbitrage, intermediation and integration to make sure you get more for less.

Our Squad, your team

Enabling organizations of all sizes to leverage technology in the best and most efficient manner possible. Business value without the price tag.

With us, safe and sound

Reduce risk and ensure compliance with our auditing and hardening services. Obtain compliance on standards such as SOX, HIPAA, ISO 27001 and GDPR.