Healthcare and pharmaCustomized Cloud

Healthcare and pharma managed cloud

Over the past years, the markets in the health and pharma industries have become even more diversified due to globalization.
Consequently, many companies have had to review their operational models in view of adapting to the new market conditions.
Agility & Compliance

In the Biotech Pharma industry, market conditions such as stagnation, falling prices and the stringent regulations which must be complied with have compelled the concerned businesses to scale up their margins generally. To accommodate these changes, it has become important that companies adopt better IT infrastructure such as secure file sharing programs and the incorporation of mobile platforms. Two major factors essential for a proper IT integration are agility and compliance. In this regard, Dade2 customers can benefit from the use of cloud and IT infrastructure to accomplish their developmental and manufacturing goals. The use of Dade2 IT solutions will promote innovation and expansion. Companies will be able to manage their branches in other locations remotely. Dade2 offers unique data analytics that aids important digital marketing strategies to promote the every customers business.

The current evolution

The current evolution taking place in the industrial sector globally has put a huge demand on the CIOs in charge of company operations. They are required to meet the newer challenges by using older methods. It can be quite tasking when faced with such a situation.

However, the on-going changes cannot overlook the previous data that has been gathered by these companies due to their relevance as a reference. Hence companies need IT solutions that can integrate their old data in the new systems.

In addition, all efforts at adopting newer IT methods will consider the need for compliance with the regulations prescribed by the concerned agencies. To meet up with the action plans aimed at increasing sales, companies also have to adopt newer methods to reduce the time it takes for their products to reach the markets after manufacturing.

Unique IT Solutions

At Dade2 we have developed unique IT solutions that can handle the IT needs in biotech and pharma companies while they focus on scientific research and clinical advancement.

In 2018, more organizations have focused their developmental efforts at integrating cloud optimization and ROI. This is due to the benefits of the cloud services which enable related companies to serve their customers better while adhering to the compliance guidelines presented by the (HIPAA).

Healthcare providers can save huge amounts of money by implementing the most suitable cloud configurations for their business. The consistent changes in the configuration settings, options and services by the AWS and Azure need to be addressed by professional IT experts. Such services mean one thing, Health providers can benefit from the best cloud configurations which will be HIPAA compliant while maintaining their focus on business growth. Hence the need to engage the services of reliable IT experts.

This checklist can also aid your companies cloud migration processes to ensure that the essential areas are covered.

  • Have you identified your users and is there a standard grouping system in place?
  • Have you identified the applications that will frequently be used by each group?
  • What are the resources required for the applications to run at an optimal level?
  • What are the data assets required to ensure the applications run smoothly?
  • Do you know the value of the assets required?
  • What measures are in place to protect the data assets?
  • How many users will need to access each application and what kind of computer devices will be used desktop/laptop/mobile?
  • How many mobile devices will have access to your system both locally and remotely?
  • How many users will need to access the different applications from shared or public stations?
  • Have you determined the networks based on VPN, dedicated public, wired, wireless that can be used to access data?
  • Which devices use public Wi-Fi networks?
  • How many of the supported devices will be monitored by your IT team?
  • What kind of devices will be brought into the environment by your employees?
  • What application workloads should be stored in the cloud or kept on local infrastructure?
  • What is the plan to map each cloud resource or application?
  • Have you ensured the achievement of high performance and saving costs by matching the various cloud services with your business needs and average workload?
  • What will be the location of the different data assets?
  • Have you identified the storage capacity required for the different applications and your workload?
  • What measures are in place to secure the different data assets while in storage at your preferred cloud infrastructure and while it is being shared among your users?
  • Identify the possibility of securing the various devices each user will frequently be using to access the cloud resources.

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