CloudDade2January 28, 202105 Benefits of Data Storage in a Cloud

Cloud is the future of storage solutions. Today, many companies are shifting to cloud-based storage systems for their fast-growing data. According to statistics, cloud storage market was valued at $46.12 bn in 2019. This number is projected to increase to $222.25 bn by 2027.

There are many benefits of data storage in cloud as compared to traditional physical storage solutions. It is not only more efficient but also allows for unlimited storage. To delve into some of the benefits in detail:

1) Accessibility

One of the greatest selling points of cloud is its increased accessibility and ease of use. You can just drag and drop your files into the cloud, which does not require any prior technical skills. Further, you can access the data from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a stable internet connection.

2) Data Recovery

Having a plan for data recovery is important in case there is an emergency. Losing critical or sensitive information can lead to huge losses for a company. A cloud-based storage solution creates a backup of the files you store. This backup can be retrieved at any time, hence, increasing its reliability.

3) Security

As the data increases, so does the threat of hacking attempts. Currently, there is a hacking attack every 39 seconds. Therefore, it is important that you have installed effective security measures to keep your sensitive information safe. Data stored in the cloud is distributed across several servers, making it significantly more secure. Further, it is also at an advantage of not incurring any losses due to hardware fails.

4) Cost Efficiency

Another great benefit of cloud storage is cost-efficiency. Storing your data on the internet can save on operational costs. For instance, you do not need physical storage units or power sources, that are required for in-house storage.

5) Scalability

Scalability is important if your business model is expected to change in the future. Cloud hosting allows for horizontal and vertical scaling, giving you more flexibility and control over scaling attributes.

Cloud storage is becoming increasingly popular these days. Owing to the range of benefits it offers, companies prefer using virtual storage solutions for their data. Cloud is more secure and offers greater accessibility. Further, it also allows for better collaboration and synchronization amongst teams. You can access any file uploaded on the cloud at any time. That is, there is no location or time restrictions on the data access. Moreover, the information becomes available on a range of devices – mobile phones, tablets or laptops, that have an active internet connection. Therefore, investing in a cloud-based storage system for your business is definitely a good option and Dade2 can help you make the right choice.

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