NewsMay 26, 202007 tips for online interviewing

Here are some online job interviewing tips that can help you improve your next online interview.

Most companies are switching to remote working recently and some of them are looking for new professionals who can work remotely. Making the interview via online communication software can be tricky sometimes. If you are not sure that you are prepared for this experience, make sure to take look at our tips before the interview begins.

Be honest

The most basic rule of job interviews is always “be honest and be yourself”. Lying about yourself or providing false information can destroy your credibility and reputation. Also, allow the employers to see your real personality, which can help them decide.

Test your devices

Always test your devices before the interview. Check your internet connection, shut down the devices or software that can start an automatic update that can disrupt your connection. If you have a chance, try connecting to a friend and chat with them for a few minutes with the communication software you will use to see if everything is okay or not. Also, try to create a well-lit environment so the person you are talking to can see you clearly.

Remove distractions

Distractions can be a huge problem during an interview, both for you and your potential employer. Try finding a quiet and closed environment that no one can enter. Also if you have pets, make sure that they are not running around while you are trying to impress the employer.


Most of the questions asked during the interviews are similar. It allows you to rehearse your answers before they are asked. Don’t try to memorize the whole speech but you can take little notes next to your computer that you want to share about yourself.

Investigate the company

Make sure you let your potential employer know that you know about the company. Otherwise, it may make you look like you are spamming applies to random companies. You can check their website and online news sources to learn more about the company, the products or the services you applied for.

Prepare documents

Some employers may ask for certain documents about you, such as your resume or your previous works. Make sure that they can be easily accessed during the interview to be sent. Also, keep in mind that you may need to share your screen to show them these documents so remove anything that can look unprofessional from your pc.

Follow up email

It is always nice to thank them for their time and ask for feedback after the interview. You can also add some critical information about yourself that you couldn’t tell during the interview. You can also ask for feedback, so you can have a clue about how it went for the company.

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