HostingLinuxNewsSoftwareMay 7, 20210AlmaLinux 8.4 Beta has been released

Following the successful release of the 8.3 Stable release on March 30th, the AlmaLinux Community released AlmaLinux OS 8.4 Beta.

CloudLinux published the first stable release of AlmaLinux OS, a powerful and free CentOS alternative with a live event on March 30th. Now, AlmaLinux OS 8.4 Beta has been released for testing. CloudLinux is an established company with a significant footprint in the market.


  • Secure Boot is now fully supported (almbz#3)

Added new module streams:

  • Python 3.9
  • SWIG 4.0
  • Subversion 1.14
  • Redis 6
  • PostgreSQL 13
  • MariaDB 10.5

Compiler Updates:

  • GCC Toolset 10
  • LLVM Toolset 11.0.0
  • Rust Toolset 1.49.0
  • Go Toolset 1.15.7

To install AlmaLinux OS 8.4 Beta

The recommended way to download ISO images is using the torrent links. Also, you can select a mirror closest to your geographic area listed on the website.

CloudLinux provides multiple support options

Red Hat announced that CentOS would no longer be issued as a stable release in December 2020. AlmaLinux is developed for filling the gap left by the demise of the CentOS stable release as an open-source, community-driven project. This open-source project is a 1:1 binary compatible fork of RHEL 8. AlmaLinux is built by the creators of the established CloudLinux OS.

CloudLinux announced that it will start providing multiple support options in May 2021 for the AlmaLinux OS including regular patches and updates for the Linux kernel and core packages, patch delivery service-level agreements (SLAs), and 24/7 incident support.

Furthermore, CloudLinux is also planning to introduce a premium support tier for enterprises that require enhanced services and Product NodeOS Support for AlmaLinux OS, explicitly tailored to the needs of vendors and OEMs. According to the announcement, the release of AlmaLinux OS Support Services is planned for May 2021.


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