LinuxNewsJune 1, 20200Alpine Linux 3.12.0 has been released

Alpine Linux, an independent, non-commercial, general-purpose Linux distribution, has released Alpine Linux 3.12.0, the first in the v3.12 stable series.

Alpine Linux is an independent, non-commercial, general-purpose Linux distribution designed for power users who appreciate security, simplicity and resource efficiency. Alpine Linux has published a new version of its lightweight distribution, Alpine Linux 3.12.0. The new version comes with initial support for the mips64 architecture and the D programming language.

New features of Alpine Linux 3.12.0

• Initial support for mips64 (big endian).
• Initial support for D programming language.

Significant updates

• Linux 5.4.43
• GCC 9.3.0
• LLVM 10.0.0
• Git 2.24.3
• Node.js 12.16.3
• Nextcloud 18.0.3
• PostgreSQL 12.3
• QEMU 5.0.0
• Zabbix 5.0.0

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