CpanelMarch 23, 20200Cpanel , A new update for EasyApache 4

cPanel announced the release of an update for EasyApache 4. It comes with updated features.

cPanel has announced that they have released a new update for EasyApache 4 on 18 march. NodeJS has been updated as 10.19.0.

To get the newest release

The updated modules are as follows:

• ea-nodejs10
• EA-8895: Update ea-nodejs10 from v10.18.1 to v10.19.0

• scl-ruby24-rubygem-nokogiri
• EA-8901: Update to 1.10.9 from upstream

• scl-psr
• EA-8903: Update to v1.0.0

• ea-nginx
• EA-8894: Update ea-nginx from v1.17.8 to v1.17.9

• scl-phalcon4
• EA-8902: Update scl-phalcon4 from 4.0.0.beta.2 to 4.0.4

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