CpanelHostingNewsSoftwareOctober 16, 20200cPanel & WHM New Version has been released !

cPanel announced that the company has released cPanel & WHM Version 90 to the stable tier.

Version 90

cPanel announced that cPanel & WHM Version 90 is now in the stable tier. The latest release offers various interface updates. cPanel also announced that in Version 90, support for Nginx to cPanel’s Application Manager interface is added. Users now will be able to use the interface to manage their applications on Nginx servers. This interface requires the “ea-ruby24-mod_passenger” Apache module.

WHM Marketplace Interface

cPanel also introduced the WHM Marketplace in the latest version. Users will be able to install, manage, and purchase third-party products for their accounts. Users can also delegate access for a user’s calendars to another user with cPanel’s Calendar Delegation interface. cPanel & WHM version 90 allows sending system notifications to one or more Slack WebHooks. Users can specify Slack WebHooks in WHM’s Basic WebHost Manager Setup interface.


Version 88

cPanel & WHM Version 88 comes with many qualities of life improvements for MySQL, including the added support of MySQL 8. Version 88 also brings Rouncube version 1.4, the addition of ImunifyAV, the leading malware scanning solution, and the ability to upgrade to ImunifyAV+.

ImunifyAV support

CloudLinux’s advanced suite of website security tools, ImunifyAV, is also available free by default on new installations. It is possible to purchase an upgrade to ImunifyAV+ directly within the Imunify tool.

Streamlined directory privacy interface

cPanel & WHM Version 88 offers an experience to the Directory Privacy interface (cPanel > Home > Files > Directory Privacy), including allowing cPanel users to set the privacy permissions for all subdirectories within a directory.

MySQL upgrade checker

In cPanel & WHM Version 88, the MySQL Upgrade Checker has been added. It checks if an upgrade from MySQL 5.7 to 8.x will work on the MySQL configuration file and table engine. the MySQL Upgrade Checker is located in MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade interface.

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