LinuxMay 4, 20210EndeavourOS Linux Has a New ISO Release

The EndeavourOS Linux distro has a new ISO release to give you guys an up-to-date installation medium in case you want to use Arch Linux but don’t want to go through its complex installation process.


Powered by Linux kernel 5.11.14, the new EndeavourOS Linux release for April 2021 ships with the latest Mesa 21.0.2 graphics stack, NVIDIA 465.24.02 graphics driver, as well as the Calamares graphical installer, which makes it a breeze to install this Arch Linux-based distribution.

But besides the usual updates, the new EndeavourOS Linux ISO release brings various improvements for a better out-of-the-box experience. For example, there’s now better support for computers with an NVIDIA GPU, the automatic login feature should work correctly after the installations, USB support can now be enabled when running EndeavourOS in VirtualBox, and EndeavourOS’s tools now look better.

The Welcome app has been improved as well to make it even easier for Arch Linux newcomers to familiarize themselves with the distribution and configure it for their needs. The most important changes being the use of a graphical user interface for the Pacdiff tool when managing changes in system and package configuration files, as well as a new “Software news” button that informs users of important workarounds or solutions for common issues.

Last but not least, the new EndeavourOS release brings good news for fans of tilling window managers as it’s now possible to install the distribution with either BSPWM or Sway tilling WMs. These window managers can be used standalone or on top of a desktop environment, but they aren’t based on a specific desktop environment.

“BSPWM is a tiling window manager that is based on Xorg and Sway being the i3-wm replacement running on Wayland. Both editions are customized by our community members with an EndeavourOS touch and can run independently or on top of a DE,” said the devs.

EndeavourOS Linux is a rolling-release distribution, so if you’re already using it on your personal computer, you don’t have to download the new ISO image, just ensure your installations are up to date. For new deployments, you can download the EndeavourOS 2021.04.17 from the official website. Please note that this release no longer offers the Deepin Desktop environment as an install option.

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