LinuxFebruary 28, 20210GeckoLinux announces the 999.210221 update

GeckoLinux announces the general availability of 999.210221 update to its full range of rolling editions.

GeckoLinux announced the 999.210221 update. GeckoLinux rolling spins are generated directly from unmodified openSUSE Tumbleweed and Packman repositories. It also allows installed systems to be updated directly from those official sources. It focuses on eliminating pain points and polishing its unique out-of-the-box configuration on top of the stable and flexible openSUSE base. GeckoLinux rolling editions use the Calamares system installer at version 3.2.27.

Plasma 5.21, Gnome 3.38

The Linux kernel included in this current set of GeckoLinux ROLLING ISOs is at version 5.10.16. GeckoLinux ISO spins, that suit different needs and preferences, are available with polished desktop environments. Spins also include a selection of preinstalled applications appropriate for the particular desktop environment. The GeckoLinux rolling 999.210221 spins include the following desktop environments:

  • Plasma 5.21 / Framework 5.79.0 / KDE applications 20.12
    • Improved font legibility with main UI fonts colors changed to pure black
    • Fixed screen brightness hotkeys bug
    • Fixed a bug causing delays in initial loading of desktop icons and notifications
  • Gnome 3.38
  • Budgie 10.5.2
    • Improved behavior of Nemo desktop icons
    • Eliminated transparency from bottom panel for better visibility and contrast
  • XFCE 4.16
  • Cinnamon 4.8.6
    • Improved behavior of Nemo desktop icons
    • Relocated mounted drives applet
  • Mate 1.24.1
  • Pantheon (various component versions)
  • LXQt 0.16

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