HostingNewsAugust 12, 20200HostBill introduced improvements and new features

HostBill introduced ew email logging features, warnings about risky ACLs, and new options added to its admin area.

HostBill introduced a number of improvements and new features, including new email logging features, warnings about risky ACLs, and new options. The latest release gives the customers the opportunity to choose if and how emails should be logged. Users are now able to disable certain emails from being logged, log them, or log the emails as confidential. Only administrators will be able to view the confidential emails with the new Access Confidential Email Logs permission.

Risky ACL warnings

The new release also allows users to assign different privileges and permissions individually per each staff member or to a Staff Team. When adding or editing the ACLs certain permissions considered “risky” are highlighted in red with potential implications explained. “Risky permissions” are those that could allow admin to access sensitive customer data.

Another new feature, IP Address Manager, or IPAM, module is designed to organize and track unlimited number of IP addresses. It also allows users to sell and manage IP addresses with automated reverse DNS management, IPv6/IPv4 support, RWhois server, VLAN management, and IP provisioning. This module can now list and manage all their IPs assigned in IPAM in their client portal, without the need of going into separate services. All IPs assigned through IPAM to a given service will now be presented as subnets.

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