Dade2September 18, 2021Interview: Manuel Trongone, CEO of Dade2

Dade2 is a team of highly skilled, experienced, and qualified professionals that are available for you 24/7/365. Dade2 engineers are all certified and have decades of experience in web hosting and application architecture.


Dade2 has dedicated IT management experts and project managers located in both the US and Europe. If you experience a network problem, Dade2 solutions specialists will work with you in real-time to diagnose and fix the issue. We’ve talked with Manual Trongone about company history and the industry.

Can you please tell us about the company’s history? What were the milestones?

Dade2 was started back in 2009. Having the chance to work for several large web hosting and cloud computing companies before launching Dade2, I’ve taken the opportunity to look through a magnifying glass at the business and shaping my idea of a better cloud company, where we know every and each customer in person, deeply understand the business sense of their environment with us, to be able to serve them better and with a human touch you don’t get very often nowadays.

The focus has been always on the B2B as we felt that the right mix of know-how and technology applied to the cloud could help our customers building a faster and more secure infrastructure to grow their business.

In January you announced the Spanish cloud region. Are you planning any new cloud regions in the near future?

Yes, our roadmap is very clear. We’re in the process to add Hong Kong as we speak, to offer our customers a gate to the Far East to better serve their customers and branches.

We’ll then add Rome in Q1 2022, in order to consolidate our position in Europe and provide strategic access to the Mediterranean area.
Next will be Los Angeles and Istanbul in Q2 and Q3 2022, in order to cover the US West Coast, part of Central America, and offer easy access to the middle east.

You are offering a unique service, CTO as a service to your customers. How is the feedback from CEOs and other C-level managers about this service so far?

CTO as a Service is a great tool for all the small and medium companies that nowdays rely on data for their business, but don’t have internal IT expertise.
We assess their current IT environment and bring on the table options in order to improve the systems and cut costs while giving them our usual 24/7 support for both on-prem and cloud systems.

The feedback has been amazing so far, as CEOs can focus back on their main business and forget about any IT matter that is time-consuming and prone to risks.

What is the most popular service you provide among your customers recently?

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a huge demand of 2 services: Managed Kubernetes and VDIs. There’s plenty of companies that want to innovate the way they develop applications, leveraging on the microservices, but they are missing one key point: DevOps expertise.

Here comes Dade2, with a team of DevOps that will guide the client from the first assessment call, till the go-live of the project and the related maintenance. We also provide training sessions in order to empower internal teams to manage the Kubernetes/Dockers systems with confidence and the proper know-how transfer.

No need to say that the other best-seller has been VDIs. Since COVID and the demanding need of working remotely, we’ve seen a growing interest in virtual desktops, both from small and medium and enterprise companies worldwide.

We just completed a huge migration, empowering 3000+ employees of an Energy&Gas company to work 100% from remote. From the insights we have, we know that many of these companies will empower their employees to work from remote even after the pandemic will be over. This is becoming more and more a benefit that companies of any size are offering to their workforce in order to attact and maintain their talents.

What are the benefits of having customers from a wide range of industries?

The main benefit of working with customers of different industries is that you bring the know-how and procedures of the most complex and demanding businesses also on less sensitive industries than, despite of their smaller size, can benefit from a high-end support that is used to work with the most critical applications.

Nowdays, a one-man business hosted with us is having access to the same ISO 27001 procedures we apply to a regulated client in the Energy sector.
We know what 0 downtime means, and that’s a standard not only in our cloud environments but also when we perform cloud to cloud or on-prem to cloud migrations on behalf of our customers.

Do the expectations differ for different industries? Could you tell us about the cloud trends for today and in the upcoming few years?

One of the main verticals that we have on-board is the financial sector. Banks, FinTech and Money Remittance companies demand a very high privacy level, which our private cloud provides. Irrespective of legislation, our expertise in highly customized private cloud environments is what the financial sector is looking for when they decide to move part of their infrastructure outside of their premises.

We see exactly the same needs in every industry: Security, Privacy and reliability are at the verge of the expectations of the customers we onboard. On top of that we add the high-end performance that is standard for every public and private cloud installation Dade2 offers.

What makes Dade2 different? Is it world-class support, security, or something else?

I would say that is the right mix of of 3 elements:

  1. The consultive approach that allows us to know each and every customer we have, their goals, interact with their IT team and find the best way to implement the projects in a fast and effective way.
  2. The high-end performance we provide to every customer. Between 2019 and 2020 we’ve done a huge investment to completely revamp our cloud regions and convert them to all-flash cloud. Nowdays all the storage we have, including the backup systems, are running on HPE Enterprise SSD disks. What is the main advantage for our customers? They pay SSD in Dade2 like standard SATA with the competitors.
  3. Word-Class support: Once the customers are up and running on our cloud, we provide a full-inclusive support that cover all their needs: Networking, System Administration, DBA etc. 24/7. In this way they are never alone in the Cloud journey and don’t have to wait hours for an answer. We guarantee a 15 minutes response time to every and each ticket.

What are your expectations for 2022? Tell us about your future plans?

We’re going to approach 2022 with a clear roadmap: 3 additional cloud regions, new tools to maintain the “0 downtime” target during the most complex migrations, a brand new simplified GUI to manage even the most complex networking setup inside our portal in an easy way.

In 2021 we’ve seen a +60% growth of our customers with 5 blue chip companies joining our portfolio. We foresee a bright and exciting 2022 in Dade2 and we’re working hard to bring to all our existing and future customers an amazing surprise in the Q2 2022 in terms of Public Cloud speed.