Dade2November 20, 20200IPFire 2.25 – Core Update 152 is now released

IPFire team announced that IPFire 2.25 – Core Update 152 brings various improvements and bug fixes.

The IPFire team announced the release of IPFire 2.25 – Core Update 152. The latest version includes various smaller bug fixes and improvements and updates the Windows File Sharing Add-on. The IPFire also announced that Samba is now updated from 3, which was unmaintained for a while, to 4.13.0. In the new version, the protocol features like SMB3 and encryption are supported.

New features are:

  • Printing with CUPS now works out of the box
  • SMB file transfers are faster, because of some performance tuning
  • IPFire will now always try to become the master browser for its workgroup
  • The file-sharing and printing services will be announced to the local network using mDNS with Avahi
  • Extensions for Mac OS X are enabled by default


  • Intrusion Prevention System: The IPS has been updated to suricata 5.0.4 which fixes various bugs and security vulnerabilities
  • Leo-Andres Hofman contributed for the first time and cleaned up code that shows the DHCP leases on the web user interface. They are now sorted and expired leases are shown at the bottom of the list for better usability.
  • Steffen Klammer fixed a bug which rendered an invalid proxy.pac configuration file when subnets where added in the CIDR notation
  • Values for average, minimum and maximum were swapped in the firewall hits graph which has been corrected in this release
  • Updated packages: knot 3.0.1, libhtp 0.94, python 2.7.18, python3 3.8.2, unbound 1.12.0, yaml 0.2.5


  • Updated packages: mtr 0.94, nano 5.3, tor
  • Updated Python 3 packages: botocore 1.16.1, colorama 0.4.3, dateutil 2.8.1, docutils 0.16, jmespath 0.9.5, pyasn1 0.4.8, rsa 4.0, s3transfer 0.3.3, six 1.14.0,


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