NewsFebruary 24, 20180A Journey to the Cloud

Cloud Computing

Migrating systems to the cloud is a maneuver potentially filled with landmines. Each step must be choreographed or failure results. As a company we have to understand the complexities , and don’t lose focus. We have to ensure that the trust clients place in us remains preserved.

The cloud is vulnerable for the very reasons it is efficient: it stores a significant amount of data in a centralized location as it provides additional methods of accessing the data as well as backups.

For small to midsize businesses, the benefits of cloud computing services are endless. Cloud computing saves businesses time and money while boosting productivity, improving collaboration and promoting innovation. In this journey we focus on the very main thing that makes a difference: Support.

We provide IT staff that will come right to your door to assist you in the challenging task of making an audit of your current IT and correctly plan for the migration. We want you to be fully aware and be fully in control of the entire process.

Cost Of Cloud Computing

While, the cost of cloud computing varies depending on the type of cloud service needed, our clients save significantly as compared to our nearest competitors. Some factors affect actual saving as pricing includes the energy price and the fully integrated support and consulting we do on behalf of our customers.

Security Risks

While the cloud is viewed as a miracle worker for many businesses as they migrate to off-site storage, the beauty is in the accessibility. Businesses now manage and access data from any compass point as they put vital information at employees’ fingertips without making a trip to the office.

Due Diligence

The most significant risks faced come from pure laziness. Conducting data migration without knowing the cloud conditions requires strong authentication and security processes. Some suggested questions for thoroughly examining a cloud provider include:

  • Who can view my data?
  • Is my data placed in multiple data centers in various places, so it is shielded from regional attacks?
  • What contingency plans are in place to safeguard my data?
  • What particular steps do you take to encrypt my information?
  • How do you handle encrypted communication?
  • What occurs and how will you restore my data if there is a crash or attack?
  • What safety certifications do you have?
  • Are you compliant with the current security protocols?
  • Is your Datacenter offering GDPR as a product feature?
  • What can go wrong during implementation?
  • Are you a reseller? If so, who is responsible for service and support?

Why Dade2? Why now?

We make teamwork easy and fully integrate our IT team with yours. Your company will not only benefit of 24/7 support at your fingerprints, but through our on-site audit we will make sure you’ll gain a financial return right on the first year. With a full-service solution, we make sense for SME business owners and CTO planning to grow their business.

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