EventMarch 23, 20200Participants from 15 Eurasian countries coming to Turkey for “Cloud Computing” event

The largest Cloud Technology organization of Eurasia, CloudTalk Global – 2020, which is the first and only cloud-specific event across the region, will be held in Istanbul under the slogan of “Connect with the Future” on June 11, 2020.

The pulse of one of the near future trends, cloud computing, will beat in Turkey once again with one of the most important events of the region. CloudTalk Global – 2020 Conference and Exhibition, which will bring senior industry representatives and cloud computing professionals from 15 different countries together, will be held at the Istanbul Congress Centre on June 11, 2020. The event, where cloud technology will be discussed extensively, is also characterized as being the biggest event of Eurasia specific to this sector.

It is no secret that the investment patterns and statistics and the change in economic models, worldwide and locally, indicate that the IT sector will play a major role in the future. In addition to technological products and services, software exports have also become a branch that makes significant contributions to Turkey’s economy. CloudTalk Global – 2020, aiming to make Turkey the marketing-communication center of technology and innovation in the cloud computing sector, brings together the movers and shakers of the sector with cloud-computing-specific conferences and fairs.

“Turkey will be an alternative to the USA and Western Europe in cloud computing”

Burkay Yapağcıoğlu

Indicating that they will host more than 2000 participants from 15 different countries at the CloudTalk Global – 2020 event, Burkay Yapağcıoğlu said: “Although we have tens of cloud computing companies in Turkey, CloudTalk Global – 2020, which will be organized under the banner of cloud computing sector for the first time, is a great opportunity not only for Turkey but also for many countries in the region like Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, etc. Especially in conference sessions, we will try to make a case for the potential of Turkey as it understands the needs of the region and is closing the gap on its global rivals by enjoying having the edge on costs effectiveness and high R&D capabilities of becoming a solution partner and an alternative market for the countries of the region in the cloud computing industry dominated by USA and technology companies based in Western European.”

Emerging trends and best practices in the cloud industry, long-term cloud strategies for digital transformation, next generation of cloud infrastructure technologies, multi-cloud strategies and their adaptation in companies, “Edge to Cloud Computing” strategies, “Intelligent IoT Edge Appliance”  and application areas, Future of Cloud-Native IT Infrastructures, Data Centre Optimization and Transition to Cloud Structures, Latest Innovations in Cloud Product Development and in DevOps, Latest State of Microservice and Container Technologies will be discussed at the conference.

36 senior executives from international leading cloud companies such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud as well as the local cloud service providers namely BulutBroker and UzmanPosta will be on the stage as speakers at the event to be participated by senior IT executives, IT consultants, network administrators, system administrators, data center experts, cloud architects, security managers, developers, and product managers.

You can register for the event through www.cloudtalkglobal.com website.

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