CloudSoftwareMay 9, 20210Proxmox Backup Server 1.1 released

The Proxmox team announced the general availability of version 1.1 of the Proxmox Backup Server.

Proxmox announced the launch of Proxmox Backup Server version 1.1, built on Debian Buster 10.9. The latest version using a current, long-term supported Linux kernel (5.4.106), and including ZFS 2.0. Proxmox also stated that the latest version is written in Rust–a modern, fast, and memory-efficient language.

Proxmox Tape Backup System

The new Proxmox tape backup provides an easy way to copy datastore content to tapes. It is available as a technology preview in Proxmox Backup Server 1.1. The existence of WORM tapes, the low cost per unit, and the fast sequential write speeds are all clear benefits of tape-based storage. Proxmox Backup Server supports all Linear Tape-Open generation drives and includes hardware encryption. Proxmox tape backup system offers:

  • Tape backup jobs, which back up datastores to a media pool. Multiple datastores can be backed up to the same media set. It is possible to choose between writing all snapshots of a datastore to the media set or only the latest snapshot per group.
  • Tape restore jobs restore the contents of a media set to one or more datastores. By doing so, it is possible to restore multiple datastores from a media set, even if the system does not have the free disk space required in a single datastore.
  • Flexible retention policies such as: always recycle tapes, never recycle tapes, recycle tapes after a particular calendar event, etc.
  • New user space tape driver; written in Rust.
  • Support for various tape autoloaders: The Proxmox developers have rewritten the mtx tool in Rust (now called pmtx), thus most autoloaders supported by other tape-backup solutions available on Linux will work with Proxmox Backup Server.
  • If a stand-alone tape drive without an attached changer is deployed, users are notified via e-mail about necessary operations such as load/unload.
  • Components, jobs, and schedules can be configured via the web-based user interface.
  • With the Proxmox LTO Barcode Label Generator, a small web-app, users can generate and print bar-code labels for their tapes, on standard, adhesive label sheets.


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