HostingNewsSoftwareMay 25, 20200Scala Hosting offers SPanel as a cPanel alternative

Scala Hosting announced that SPanel solution can be the answer to cPanel’s recent price increase for resellers.

Scala Hosting launched its own SPanel in response to cPanel’s sudden increase in pricing, which makes up 70% of the panels used by hosting service providers. Scala Hosting claims that SPanel is cheaper, reliable, and allows businesses to run their VPS or reseller hosting via a simply laid of SPanel.

All-in-one solution

SPanel is an “all-in-one” solution for managing cloud virtual servers. SPanel also offers an innovative security system and one-click install/uninstall, auto-updates, lock security feature, reset admin password for WordPress. A spokesperson from Scala Hosting also said,

“At Scala Hosting, we can tell you that SPanel is just as good, versatile, and better in more ways than one while being more affordable. There is no reason for people to use Plesk or cPanel when SPanel helps you achieve a lot more. That’s why there are so many people moving away from cPanel and moving towards SPanel.”

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