SoftwareFebruary 4, 20210Stable Clonezilla live 2.7.1-22 released

The Clonezilla team announced that the company has released the Clonezilla live 2.7.1-22 with major enhancements and bug fixes.

Clonezilla released the stable version of its partition, disk imaging, and cloning software, Clonezilla. The latest version, Clonezilla live 2.7.1-22 includes major enhancements and bug fixes. In the latest version, the Linux kernel was updated to 5.10.9-1. Clonezilla also announced that the underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded and the release is based on the Debian Sid repository.

Enhancements and changes from 2.7.0-10:

  • The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository.
  • Linux kernel was updated to 5.10.9-1.
  • Include exfatprogs instead of exfat-utils.
  • Include package glances, ipv6calc, atop, usbtop, bashtop, python3-psutil, vnstat and iperf3.
  • Add package f3 in Clonezilla/DRBL/GParted live.
  • ocs-sr: make –rescue work for ocs-onthefly to call ocs-sr.
  • prep-ocsroot: add an option to fsck repository file system before mounting local one.
  • Better mechanism to find LIVE_MEDIA in function get_live_media_mnt_point of ocs-functions.
  • ocs-sr: Support customized auto-gen image name. Key name: productname, FQDN, UUID, MAC, year, date, time
  • ocs-sr: support more time-related format for “autoname-“: Four new key names: month, day, hour, minute
  • Add support for scheme about samba_server with version assigned as: smb1, smb1.0, smb2, smb2.0, smb2.1, smb3, smb3.0, smb3.11, and smb3.1.1. in ocs-live-repository so that the cifs version can be assigned.
  • Improve the support for Linux software RAID. Allow something lie /dev/md126 can be a partition, too. 
  • Add language setting (en_US) in grub.cfg.
  • Change the date-time format for auto*name as like my-2020-1220-0221-img, was my-2020-12-20-0221-img.
  • Show file system and partition size in the TUI when listing partitions in restoreparts.
  • Language file es_ES was updated.
  • Package ezio instead of ezio-static is used since it can depend on different versions of libtorrent.
  • Reduce ezio_cache_ratio from 0.7 to 0.5 in drbl-ocs.conf.
  • The devices to be deployed by BT mode will be run together. No more one device by another device.
  • Add leecher mode (-l|–for-leecher) in ocs-btsrv.
  • noatime implies nodiratime. Therefore remove nodiratime in the option of mount command.
  • ocs-sr: destination disk can be assigned by serialno when restoring.
  • ocs-onthefly: source and destination device can be assigned by serialno.
  • The serial no of disk device is now in the short format, not the long one from udevadm.
  • When ocs-sr is in saving mode, the DEVICE name can also be assigned by: For disk: PTUUID or SERIALNO

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