domainNewsMay 20, 20200The .org registry sale terminated

Public Interest Registry (PIR) officially concluded the transaction for Ethos Capital to acquire Public Interest Registry.

Public Interest Registry informed ICANN about the termination of .org registry sale via a letter. The letter written by Jon Nevett, President and CEO, Public Interest Registry states, “While we reserve all of our legal rights, we will not be pursuing an ICANN Request for Reconsideration or taking any other action to try to revive the Transaction.” It means PIR is not for sale.

Public Interest Registry (PIR) is not for sale

PIR will continue to serve its mission as an exemplary registry operator and responsible steward of .org. There are over 10 million web sites with the suffix “org”. Org symbolizes non-profit organizations in the internet world. The Internet Society and Public Interest Registry (PIR) has announced the sale of the org to private investment firm Ethos Capital in November 2019.

After the decision that shocked the internet industry, hundreds of nonprofit organizations and 18,000 individuals ask ICANN to pause the deal to sell. At the beginning of this April, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra also sent a letter to ICANN warning he could take action to stop the sale. Finally, ICANN denied the deal at the end of this month. Now, with this letter, the agreement between ICANN and Ethos Capital has been officially terminated.

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