LinuxSoftwareJune 30, 20200What is the difference between FTP and SFTP ?

In general, there are two basic protocols for file transfer in the network world. These are FTP and SFTP protocols. The FTP protocol, which is derived from the File Transfer Protocol, is used to transfer files from one host to another or from a server to a client. The TFP protocol is a TCP protocol with port number 21.

For example, you use this protocol when you upload your files to an upload center. The point here is that file transfer on the FTP protocol platform is not secure at all, and there are no secure and encrypted channels. The SFTP protocol is used to solve this problem.

The SFTP protocol is also a TCP protocol with port number 22. SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol and provides a secure file transfer for us. In this case, the transfer of the file from one host to another is completely secure and is done in encrypted channels. The port number of this protocol and the SSH protocol are both 22, and in fact the SFTP protocol has been implemented on the SSH platform to perform a secure transfer.

Summary of the differences between FTP and SFTP protocols


Transfer normally and unsafe
Part of the TCP / IP protocol
Port number 21
Communicate on the TCP platform
The file will not be encrypted before sending


Secure file transfer
Uses SSH protocol
Port number 22
Establish communication on the SSH platform
The file is encrypted before sending

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