securityMay 6, 20210What’s second-largest corporate network attacks in 2020 ?

Attackers are now increasingly taking advantage of emerging malware like crypto mining to target corporates, according to Crypto Parrot’s data.

Hackers devise new methods to get into the systems of targeted parties. For the last few years, attackers are now increasingly taking advantage of emerging malware like crypto mining to target corporates.

Cryptomining malware’s details

Crypto Parrot’s data shows that crypto mining malware accounted for the second-largest corporate network attacks at 21% between January 1, 2020, and December 31. The botnet took the pole position during the same period at 28%. Ransomware accounted for the least form of attack at 5%.

The value of cryptocurrency began rising from the third quarter of 2020, led by bitcoin in return bolstering the number of money hackers can rake in. In general, attackers took advantage of the price trend and increasingly spread malware to exploit other people’s computer resources for illegal mining activities.

Additionally, global events like the coronavirus pandemic made corporate networks an easy target. The health crisis compelled most organizations to allow employees to work from home where most networks are unsecured. Hackers took advantage by leveraging on the anxiety to introduce malware in computers secretly.

For the attacker, crypto miners offer a cheaper and more consistent means to earn money, unlike other hacks like ransomware. Hackers are looking for assets that can hide transaction parties, and amounts that cannot be linked to previous transactions and are designed for mining on ordinary computers. In general, some crypto-mining malware exploits old vulnerabilities. Therefore, for the protection of all devices, it is important to consider basic security measures.



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