HostingSoftwareJune 17, 20200Bacula 9.6.4 has been released!

After the minor release of 9.6.3 in February, Bacula released 9.6.4 with many security and bug fixes.

Bacula is a set of computer programs that permits the system administrator to manage backup, recovery, and verification of computer data across a network of computers of different kinds. Bacula released 9.6.4 comes with many security and bug fixes.

One significant improvement is for the AWS S3 cloud driver. According to the announcement, first, the ode base has been brought much closer to the Enterprise version. Following this, the community code now uses the latest version of libs3 as maintained by Bacula Systems. The libs3 code is available as a tar file for Bacula version 9.6.4 here. It is needed to note that version 9.6.4 must be compiled with the above libs3 version or later. After the configuration of Bacula, it should automatically detect and use the libs3.

To build libs3:

– Remove any libs3 package loaded by your OS
– Download above link
– tar xvfz libs3-20200523.tar.gz
– cd libs3-20200523
– make # should have no errors
– sudo make install

Major changes and fixes

Add configure variables to baculabackupreport. Patch from bug #2538
– Fix orphaned buffers in cloud by adding truncate argument to end_of_job()
– Improve clarity of Cloud part mismatches and make it an INFO message rather
than a WARNING since it corrects the catalog.
– Small trivial change to check_parts
– Backport more Enterprise cloud parts changes
– Backport cloud upload code from Enterprise
– Update s3_driver.c to new libs3 API calling sequence
– Fix tray-monitor installation
– Recompile ./configure
– Add ./configure code to check for and enable/disable S3 support
– win32: Fix org#2547 About possible NULL pointer dereference in get_memory_info
– Ensure cloud driver loaded when listing cloud volumes
– baculum: Request #2546 support for full restore when file records for backup
job are pruned
– baculum: Fix problem with authorization error after upgrade
– baculum: Add UPGRADE file
– baculum: Fix returning value in TStyleDiff – generated notice with PHP
– baculum: Remove execute bit for framework scripts
– baculum: Fix displaying empty column button in table column visibility menu –
reported by Wanderlei Huttel
– baculum: Update Polish translations
– baculum: Update Portuguese translations
– baculum: New user management. LDAP support. Role-based access control.
– Fix new compiler warnings + always use bstrncpy not strncpy to ensure EOS at
end of string
– Return smartalloc buffers zeroed — future performance improvement
– Improve scanning data/time, fixes bug #2472
– Make ABORT mention segfault to clarify non-bug #2528
– Make reading a short block a warning rather than error
– baculum: Fix validators in run job modal window
– Remove unused -t option in dbcheck.c — fixes bug #2453
– Fix bug 2523 — spurious extra linking
– Fix bug #2534 possible double free in error case
– Fix possible sscanf overflows
– Fix overflow from malicious FD reported by Pasi Saarinen
– baculum: Add option to show time in job log – idea proposed by Wanderlei
– baculum: Add show log time parameter to job log endpoint
– baculum: Add tip about using table row selection
– Fix bug #2525 seg fault when doing estimate with accurate and MD5
– baculum: Fix issues with SELinux support reported by Neil MacGregor
– Correct some copyrights
– Add Docker plugin rpm spec files

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