SoftwareMay 11, 20200Firefox 76 supports Zoom calls directly

Firefox 76 comes with enhanced security to online account logins and passwords and Zoom improvements. Now, it allows users to join Zoom calls without additional downloads.

Firefox latest version Firefox 76 has been released by Mozilla with enhanced security features, Zoom improvements, and a handful of developer features. Firefox strengthens protections for password management. It displays critical alerts in the Lockwise password manager when a website is breached.

Activate “Join from your browser” link

Firefox 76 supports Audio Worklets that will allow more complex audio processing like virtual reality (VR) and gaming on the web. Thanks to this news support Audio Worklets, users can join Zoom calls without the need for additional downloads. To show a “Join from your browser” Link for all meetings hosted by users on your account, first users must log in to their Zoom Account Settings. And then it is needed to navigate to the show a join from your browser link option on the Meeting tab. Finally, users can check if the setting is enabled. If not, they should choose Turn On to verify the change.

For developers

Additionally, Mozilla elaborates in a developer document:

“Enter AudioWorklet. An audio context’s audio worklet is a Worklet which runs off the main thread, executing audio processing code added to it by calling the context’s audioWorklet.addModule() method. Calling addModule() loads the specified JavaScript file, which should contain the implementation of the audio processor. With the processor registered, you can create a new AudioWorkletNode which passes the audio through the processor’s code when the node is linked into the chain of audio nodes along with any other audio nodes.”

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