HostingSoftwareMay 14, 20200Top Free Windows Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels

Nowadays, control panels have a very important role in managing servers and facilitating tasks and performing them quickly. Control panel saves money and time.

Control panels have many tasks. Managing and configuring web server , DNS server and database server and email server and user management (create User , Reseller and etc) … is one of the most important tasks.

Control panels easily perform many tasks that require a lot of knowledge and time to perform, and make it easy to do so through visual communication between the user and the machine.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to some free and popular windows control panels that are specific to the Windows operating system. As you know, the control panel of Windows is less than Linux. But we introduce the best of them.

The free Windows control panels introduced in this article can be installed on both dedicated servers, virtual servers and the cloud platform.

1) SolidCP

SolidCP is a free and open source multiple server enterprise control panel for the Windows operating systems. It lets its users to easily control and manage unlimited amounts of servers.

It also support for clustering as well that is the additional advantage of using this. As it will allow you to get all management issues solved at a centralized platform so you will be able to give your clients freedom to manage their resources from any place.

It is optimized for offering speed and usability at the same time and additionally it is free and open source that too goes into the favor of server administrators. One of the best things about SolidCP is that it easily work with all major enterprise level of hosting platforms.

Either it is about getting the support of Sharepoint, Lync, Exchange, Microsoft CRM or any other platform, SolidCP is offering great support for many kind of external software. It will simplify your overall management work.

Here are some of the features of SolidCP :

Latest Version of SolidCP is 1.4.7 (released On Aug 2020) , and support by Windows OS 2003 , 2008 , 2012 and 2016.
also IIS 6 , 7/7.5 , 8/8.5 and IIS 10 supported for more information about supported software check following links. (solidCP Supported Software)

2) Website Panel

Although one of the great free Windows Hosting control panels is websitepanel , we do not recommend using it because it is not get updat after Project dead.
It should be noted that the three control panels websitepanel , SolidCP and MSPControl all branch off from the DotNetPanel , which was later renamed the websitepanel. Currently, SolidCP and MSPControl support up-to-date software. but websitepanel No ! For example, the websitepanel only supported till Windows Server 2012 and IIS8 Max .

the latest Dotnetpanel announcement:

WebsitePanel – original – is not going to get any more contributions. That means, that if there is a bug and it requires a fix, it is not going to post a new release that fixes that bug – you may still get help to fix it, but no new installer/components are going to be released. So fixes are or will be provided in the forums only. If WebsitePanel works for you as it is, great, then you don’t need to do anything new. You can continue to use and to d/l the same installer and install it as many times as you need.

3) MSP Control

MSPControl is a control panel under Windows Server Os that, like websitepanel and solidcp , forked from dotnetpanel. This control panel has a simple, attractive and user-friendly environment that easily supports many management tasks of Windows servers.

This control panel is useful even for users who do not have the technical knowledge and expertise in the field of web programming languages such as JS, MySQL, PHP and basic web servers.

This Control Panel is Free if you need less than 300 User (view here) , also have more features like following include . Manage Domains & Sub Domains , Manage Websites , Virtual Directories , Mailboxes , FTP Accounts , SSL , SQL Server database and other . also support MySQL and PHP .

an other good ability on MSP , you can create reseller along normal User account , So you can Add your own Customers with their own Control Panels with their own Branding.

MSP also support Microsoft Azure , Microsoft Office 365 , Microsoft Dynamics CRM , Microsoft Exchange and other Microsoft product . you can see them here. (MSP all features)

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