LinuxNewsJanuary 1, 20210First Rocky Linux to be released in Q2 2021

Rocky Linux announced that the team is targeting the second quarter of 2021 to deliver the first release of Rocky Linux.

As you may also remember, shortly after Red Hat announced that the company is shifting its focus from CentOS Linux to CentOS Stream, Co-Founder of CentOS, Gregory Kurtzer announced that they started working on a CentOS alternative, Rocky Linux. Now the Rocky Linux team announces that the first release may be ready for 2021’s second quarter. The company also stated that they will be releasing the timeline soon.

Timeline for the delivery of the following:

  • Build systems and infrastructure readiness
  • Automatic package build infrastructures
  • When the testing package repository will be made public
  • Installer testing readiness
  • ETA for length of time needed for community testing
  • Release candidate availability

According to the announcement, over the past three weeks, here is some of the progress made:


  • We have selected and vetted auditing, logging, and user account management tooling.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS):
    • The team selected AWS as the primary build platform for development of Rocky Linux. AWS was chosen primarily to protect the integrity of the software supply chain for Rocky Linux.
    • Unfortunately, donated hardware and rack space isn’t sufficient to meet our supply chain integrity needs.
    • Traditional physical hardware separate from our production build environment will still be necessary, and we expect a large portion of our infrastructure will exist outside of AWS for the purposes of business continuity, cost, and platform agnosticity.
    • We have outlined an infrastructure to best secure and facilitate our engineering efforts using multiple VPCs, subnets, and regions for high availability.
  • Data Centers:
    • We are negotiating with several data center providers for the secure hosting of our physical infrastructure.
    • After we have our physical infrastructure provider solidified, we will reach back out to those that have offered to donate hardware .
    • Discussions with the Oregon State University Open Source Lab regarding resources are in the works.

Release Engineering and Packaging

  • The build process for Rocky Linux will use Koji and MBS.
  • We are developing scripts and build tools to create a pipeline that allows pulling sources, debranding, and building through Koji and Mock.
  • The progress of proof of concepts and processes utilized by the Rocky Linux build process, including all errors and dependencies, is being documented in the wiki.


  • The Security team has drafted a Data Classification Policy, which will be made available for public comment pending review.
  • Groups, members, and permissions structures for the build infrastructure have been laid out for review and evaluation.
  • In parallel with the infrastructure team, we have architected and designed AWS network and security topologies aligned with best practices and security standards.
  • Work has started on OpenSCAP documents for popular STIGs.
  • Plans are being made with the goal of Rocky Linux becoming FIPS compliant.


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