NewssecurityApril 15, 20200Google has banned Zoom for its employees

Google has banned popular video conferencing app Zoom, from its employees’s devices due to security concerns.

The number of Zoom users has increased but after the vulnerability news about Zoom, some organizations and companies began to ban the popular videoconferencing app. It is reported that the number of daily users has reached to 200 million people last month, from 10 million in December. After the Taiwan government, Tesla and SpaceX, Google also decided to ban its employees to use Zoom on their company devices.

Google Meet is an alternative for Zoom

Google sent an internal mail to its employees to ban Zoom on their devices. The company can use its own video conferencing app called Google Meet (previously known as Hangouts Meet) internally. Last week Google security researcher Tavis Ormandy confirmed UNC path injection in Zoom. After this flaw has been discovered, the company’s CEO, Eric Yuan, apologized for all these mishaps and sent a message to users about the bugs via a blog post.

At the same time, researchers at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab said that the rapid uptake of teleconference platforms such as Zoom, without proper vetting, potentially puts trade secrets, state secrets, and human rights defenders at risk. Yuan said that they were taking steps about this issue via a blog post. Now, the Zoom team focused on security instead of adding new features.

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