securitySoftwareJune 17, 20200Jetpack introduces Jetpack Scan

Jetpack announced the launch of Jetpack Scan, an automated malware and vulnerability scanning solution for WordPress.

Popular WordPress toolkit Jetpack has announced Jetpack Scan solution, specifically for WordPress websites. Jetpack Scan‘s simple interface allows customers to keep tabs on everything without being a security expert. With Jetpack Scan, site owners can review scan results, fix problems, and restore backups. Jetpack team also stated that they monitor millions of WordPress sites every day and identify the latest security threats.

Jetpack Scan’s features:

Automated daily scanning: Set it and forget it. Jetpack will automatically check the site for malware and other vulnerabilities.

Instant email notifications: If Jetpack finds any problems, it sends an instant alert so they can be addressed immediately.

One-click fixes: Just press a button and Jetpack will fix the majority of known malware problems so sites get back up and running.

Offsite servers: Scanning takes place on Jetpack’s servers, which keeps things running quickly and allows site owners to access scan results even if the website is completely down.

Seamless integration with Jetpack Backup: Combine Jetpack Scan and Jetpack Backup for more flexibility and power to fix or fully restore sites when they’re down or have been hacked.

Paolo Belcastro, Head of Product for Jetpack said,

“It’s like having a security guard monitoring your site. You can rest easy knowing that someone’s watching out for you 24/7. And if we find any threats, you’ll receive an instant email alert so you can fix it right away and get back to running your business. We can even repair the majority of security threats for you with just one click.”

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