NewssecuritySoftwareJune 9, 20200Large update for IPFire Free firewall

One of the well-known firewall software out there IPFire has released its 2.25 Core Update 145 version. This marks the one of the largest updated that IPFire has ever received.

IPFire is one of the most flexible security tools out there that can act as a data center firewall as well as a home firewall. This easy-to-use and capable tool has been updated to provide users with the latest version of the bundled software and features. IPFire can not only be utilized as a classic firewall system by itself but also could be configured to provide a VPN endpoint, wireless access point, or even as a Tor node, Tor capability is provided with a dedicated add-on.

Refining the packages

IPFire’s latest 2.25 Core Update 145 brings the ability to integrated OpenVPN server logging more information for analysis, and random number generator would be launched earlier during the boot bringing the start-up process to a faster pace. For a more secure firewall system, IPFire’s latest update also brings the latest updates for the contained packages and system libraries.

Some of the updated libraries include bind (9.11.19), coreutils (8.32), iproute2 (5.60), libusb (1.0.23), libwww-perl (6.43), vnstat (2.6), and of course openvpn (2.4.9) as mentioned before. This release also provide some corrections and improvements for translation and localization as typos have been fixed and phrases has been added. You can download the latest version of IPFire from its official web site at

Download IPFire 2.25 – Core Update 145

x86_64 ISO Image | 279 MB | ipfire-2.x/2.25-core145/ipfire-2.25.x86_64-full-core145.iso

x86_64 Flash Image | 247 MB | ipfire-2.25.2gb-ext4.x86_64-full-core145.img.xz

i586 ISO Image | 277 MB | 2.25-core145/ipfire-2.25.i586-full-core145.iso

i586 Flash Image | 248 MB | 2.25-core145/ipfire-2.25.2gb-ext4.i586-full-core145.img.xz

arm Flash Image |  207 MB | ipfire-2.25.2gb-ext4.armv5tel-full-core145.img.xz

Official download source

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