LinuxFebruary 22, 20210Linux kernel 5.11 released

Linus Torvalds announced the first stable release of 2021, Linux kernel 5.11 on the Linux kernel mailing list.

Linus Torvalds announced the release of Linux kernel 5.11 on the Linux kernel mailing list, as usual. The latest version was in development since December and was announced on Valentine’s Day. In the latest version, there are only a few changes from the seventh release candidate.

Features and changes for Linux kernel 5.11

The most notable changes in the latest version are the support for Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGX) and support for AMD’s Zen-based CPUs. With Linux 5.11, ARM-based boards gain support, including, MediaTek MT8192, MediaTek MT6779, and MediaTek MT8167. Linux kernel 5.11 also offers new mount options for the btrfs file system, “msgr2.1” support for the Ceph filesystem, and XFS supporting flagging filesystems. Linux Torvalds, Developer, Linux kernel, stated,

“Nothing unexpected or particularly scary happened this week, so here we are – with 5.11 tagged and pushed out.
In fact, it’s a smaller-than-average set of commits from rc7 to final, which makes me happy. And I already have several pull requests lined up for tomorrow, so we’re all set for the merge window to start.

But in the meantime – and yes, I know it’s Valentine’s Day here in the US – maybe give this release a good testing before you go back and play with development kernels. All right? Because I’m sure your SO will understand.”

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