LinuxNewsJune 4, 20200Linux Kernel 5.7 is ready to download

Linux Torvalds announced the general availability for Linux 5.7 in an email shared in the Linux Kernel Mailing List.

Linux Torvalds announced the availability of Linux 5.7 with an email he has sent to the Linux Kernel Mailing List. He also stated that there are a lot of changes in the latest release and he also noted that “almost 14 thousand non-merge commits all over, from close to two thousand developers” in his email. Linux Kernel 5.7 can be downloaded from website at the moment or you can wait for the Linux Kernel 5.7.1 version to be released.

New Features

Linux 5.7 supports AMD Ryzen 400 graphics and Intel Tiger Lake graphics. It also supports Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. New ARM devices, such as Pine Tab, PineBook Pro and others, are also supported. One of the most important new features in the Linux 5.7 is the new exFAT file system driver, which is maintained by Samsung. Zstd compression for the F2FS file system is also introduced in the latest version.

Another major improvement in the Linux Kernel 5.7 is thermal pressure tracking to provide better task placement on CPU cores. Fixes for new Renoir hardware are also implemented. Linux Kernel 5.7 also introduces performance improvements for Ceph. The latest Kernel also supports EFI “mixed mode” booting, which allows booting 64-bit x86 kernels from 32-bit firmware running on 64-bit capable CPUs.

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