SoftwareJuly 6, 20200MySQL is also changing terminology

MySQL team announced that they are replacing the negative words, such as master/slave with the new safer ones.

MySQL team announced in a blog post that negative words, such as master/slave or blacklist and whitelist will be replaced in the upcoming releases. The company has started the process of changing the MySQL syntax in the source code and documentation to match these changes. MySQL team also announced that MySQL Group Replication, MySQL InnoDB Cluster and MySQL InnoDB ReplicaSet products already use the new terminology to avoid unwanted situations.

Master/Slave to Source/Replica

MySQL also announced the reason behind the new word choices. The company stated that MySQL Asynchronous Replication is a change stream and replication configurations have a source and do not imply what role a server should have in the overall database architecture. Thus, the word “primary” doesn’t fit, while replication is used to build database architectures topologies. The company also admits that it will take some time to make these changes. To be able to retain the backward compatibility, some terminologies need to be deprecated first and then later removed.

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