SoftwareSeptember 4, 20200New version of Parted Magic is now released

Hard disk management solution Parted Magic announced the release of its latest version.

Parted Magic announced that the new version is now available. The latest version brings multiple major changes. The parted Magic team announced that 32-bit kernel support is now dropped due to syslinux’s initramfs size limitation. According to the announcement, an old version with a 32-bit kernel will also be included but it will be removed from the download list in the near future.

End of 32-bit version

The Parted Magic team also announced that the software no longer uses AUFS. The conversion to Overlayfs was made, thus, kernel updates will no longer be delayed waiting for an aufs patch. According the announcement, updated programs are kernel-firmware-20200821git, zfs-on-linux-0.8.4git, linux-5.8.3, dislocker-0.7.1, getdevinfo-1.1.0, gnutls-3.6.14, libexif-0.6.22, libjpeg-turbo-2.0.5, libvorbis-1.3.7, ntp-4.2.8p15, nvme-cli-1.12, sane-1.0.30, sudo-1.8.31p2, btrfs-progs-5.7, ca-certificates-20200630, curl-7.72.0, flashplayer-plugin-, mozilla-firefox-68.11.0esr, bind-9.11.22.

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