securitySoftwareSeptember 4, 20200New versions of ImunifyAV(+) and Imunify360 released

Imunify Security team announced a new version of Imunify360. The new version, v.5.4.4. release includes an important bug fix.

Imunify360 is an anti-malware, for web hosting companies who are serious about security. It has an integrated and modular organization. Imunify360 scales with the needs and helps the hosting companies to provide a secure and reliable web hosting service. Its multi-layered defense architecture ensures precision targeting and eradication of malware and viruses.

ImunifySecurity team released ImunifyAV(+) and Imunify360 versions 5.4.4. The latest versions of popular malware scanners include bug fixes:

How To Install Imunify360?

With the new version, the missing country flags in the UI (DEF-14531) bug is fixed. To install the new Imunify360 version 5.3.3, please follow the installation instructions.

How To Upgrade Imunify360?

To upgrade Imunify360 to the new version you can run the following commands.
Note: the script was updated. Download a new version before running it.


For the regular and safe update to Imunify360 version 5.4.4. with a gradual rollout.

CentOS/CloudLinux systems:

yum update imunify360-firewall

Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 systems:

apt-get update
apt-get install --only-upgrade imunify360-firewall

Imunify360 version 5.1 and ImunifyAV(+) version 5.1 are now officially released. The imunifySecurity team introduced multiple new features in the latest release. New features include a new Hook system configuration, new firewall mode, and a new component called Malware Database Scanner.

ImunifyAV(+) version 5.1

A completely new Hooks system is introduced in ImunifyAV/AV+ version 5.1. Hooks 2.0 allows users to configure Hooks via the separate UI “Notifications” tab in the Settings, or via the command-line interface. It also allows configuring to execute custom scripts and each hook can be configured from the UI and the CLI. The new set of events and notification types that is supported by the new hooks:

  • Events occurring in each type of scan (real-time scan, user account scan, custom folder scan)
  • Events occurring at different stages of malware scanning process: upon scanning start, finish, when malware is found

Imunify360 version 5.1

A new feature introduced in the Imunify360 version 5.1 is the Malware Database Scanner (MDS) which is designed to solve all malware related problems in the database. In this version, it is an experimental feature and only supports WordPress databases. The ImunifySecurity team also introduced a new Firewall feature that allows users to block all ports, except specified. It looks familiar to CSF as a port firewall. This feature is also experimental and it will be shipped as disabled. Another new feature is “Log only” mod for Proactive Defence by default. This mode:

  • All Proactive Defense events will be visible among incidents but without execution prevention.
  • The server will accumulate all necessary data to make it ready to enable “Kill mode” for Proactive Defense and stay fully protected from the first seconds.

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