SoftwareFebruary 28, 20210RedHat OpenShift 4.7 is available

Red Hat team announced the general availability of Red Hat OpenShift 4.7, based on Kubernetes 1.20.


RedHat announced that Red Hat OpenShift 4.7 is now generally available. OpenShift 4.7, based on Kubernetes 1.20, introduces new features and functionality across our supported infrastructures, core platform, and workloads while making stability a major theme for this release. Red Hat also made several changes across the stack to improve the stability and quality of the product.

Assisted Installer and Windows Containers support

In the latest version, Assisted Installer simplifies the full-stack automation of OpenShift on bare metal. Modern workloads such as AI/ML, Telco/5G, and HPC are compute-power hungry and benefit from bare-metal deployments of Kubernetes and OpenShift.

RedHat OpenShift 4.7 also expands Windows Containers support, which includes support for Windows Containers on vSphere using Installer Provided Infrastructure now. It allows organizations to move Windows Containers to Red Hat OpenShift regardless of where they live and without needing to completely re-architect or write new code.

Scheduling Profiles now allows customizing the behavior of the default out-of-box scheduler to optimize the cluster for a number of factors such as resource utilization, high performance, and high availability for their needs. Descheduler allows evicting pods based on predefined policies so that the pods can be rescheduled based on the latest cluster policies.

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