NewssecuritySoftwareApril 30, 20200Zoom is now more secure

Zoom, the popular video-conference app, strengthens its security with the new update.

Zoom’s latest update brings encryption standards a little bit higher and providing better security and privacy options for call administrators. As many white-collar workers are working from home, these unfamiliar times for most of them brought their own tools with it. Zoom, the video communication software, is one of them.

Better encryption with Zoom 5.0

Zoom connects millions of people every day as these quarantine days pass by and people refrain from coming together in meeting rooms. If you move to virtual meeting rooms, you should be ensured that your meeting room is not bugged or eavesdropped in any way. Zoom 5.0, the latest update of the popular video communication software, supports end-to-end encryption, and now encrypting everything that the software transmits.

End-to-end encryption support prevents man-in-the-middle attacks, which may extract any useful information about the content of the meeting. The new version of the software also provides administrators with more options to secure the calls. The option to route the call traffic from a specific region is provided for paying customers. The customers, anxious about how their data moves on the Internet would surely love this under the shadow of the China-United States trade war.

We are not sure if accusations of privacy invasion within the Zoom network still hold any merit after this update, but we are sure it is better now and much safer to use. Even with the great backlash on security Zoom still had more than 300 million daily users. This number is seemingly going to increase as the Covid-19 pandemic goes on worldwide.

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