NewsApril 9, 20180Big Data as a Service

A success factor in business growth


If you are an entrepreneur or are involved in the world of technology in recent years, the terms Big Data or Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) is likely familiar to you. Big Data is a colloquial term that refers to the storage and processing of large volumes of data. The data can be structured or unstructured and can come from multiple sources, with high volumes measured in tera, peta or exabytes.

A common challenge faced by companies today is balancing the need to collect and process these large amounts of data with the need to protect the data and meet security and privacy regulations. Too often, companies decide to withdraw their data history, because they are unable to manage it effectively with their in-house storage systems. Companies across multiple sectors such as financial and banking, healthcare and pharma, insurance, research centers, and others, have had to step back and rethink how to meet data security standards and regulations as they continue to wrestle with exponentially growing amounts of data.

In contrast to this scenario, many companies have made significant investments in the analysis and management of Big Data, obtaining excellent results in increased leads and profits.

Big Data and Cloud services go hand in hand. The large amounts of data generated by satellites, smartphones, internet-connected devices, financial establishments, video surveillance cameras, logistic systems along with data generated in social networks makes Cloud storage systems not only necessary but practical. Every day, more than 2.5 trillion bytes of data are created, and forecasts indicate that by 2020, we will be talking about a digital universe of 40 ZB. All this suggests that it is impossible not to look at the Cloud as a means of storing and analyzing such a significant amount of data.

Big data as a Service or BDaaS, is the ideal solution to mitigate the challenges associated with the management of these large amounts of data and get the most out of it. BDaaS enables the storage, analysis, and safeguarding of complex datasets, through the Internet, hosted in the Cloud.

One of the most critical characteristics of BDaaS is the privacy and security of the data and the ability to isolate a multi-tenancy environment properly.

This, in turn, will undoubtedly increase security problems since, as more data is added, there is more external interest to access and benefit from such data, which greatly increases concerns about their privacy.

Recent trends indicate that BDaaS is a critical factor in business success for data-intensive companies. Having a provider as a business partner with the dedicated resources to store and manage large amounts of data, helps companies to avoid the recurrent investment of time and resources and allows companies to devote their resources to core business functions.

At Dade2, we have been solving the challenges associated with Big Data storage, analysis, and security for a long time. Our strategy is based on conducting audits to discover any potential risks that may jeopardize the integrity and security of your data. Also, periodic checks are performed to compare compliance configurations according to industry standards and regulations.

At Dade2, We offer access to cost-effective and flexible IT resources, which will allow you to scale virtually any application quickly, including data storage, data modeling and analysis, fraud detection, recommendation engines, among others.

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