Press releaseApril 3, 20180Dade2 Announces Launch of new Website and Expanded Services

Answering the call of their clients they have served diligently for over a decade, Dade2 have revamped their website for increased functionality, and have made it their mission to provide the best customer support off and onsite in the industry.

April 2, 2018

It’s not a secret when it comes to Cloud services many small to medium-sized businesses end up with questions before hiring on a company and later on while working with them, that often don’t get answered in a timely or easy-to-understand way. Ten-year veterans of the industry, with a remarkably positive reputation, Dade2, intend to reverse that trend. In exciting news, the company recently announced they have updated their official website to better serve clients, while also expanding and enhancing the IT consulting end of their business. The excitement surrounding this fresh approach is high.

“We are committed to delivering more support, with less effort,” commented Manuel Trongone, CEO of Dade2. “Our team will work hard to make life easier for IT managers and tech staff, so that they can focus on the core of their business and not spend their time on their cloud infrastructure, which we will make sure runs smoothly and reliably. Obviously, this can greatly free up a business’s resources in a clear black and white way.”

According to the company, their expert team will be providing clients with a first-class consulting phase pre and post selling, and support will cover all of the Cloud solutions they offer. “Onshore” support is now also a big feature, where Dade2 will come in person to solve any Cloud and migration issues, a valuable resource for those companies sick of cold and impersonal treatment that often comes with IT support firms.

Feedback for Dade2 continues to be passionate and an entire “Customer Experience” video section has been added to their new website.

Adam Blackburn, recently said in a five-star review, “Great service, great support, helpful staff. Dade2 has it all. Highly recommended for your server needs. Our server was steady, reliable and had no issues whatsoever unless it was something I’d caused myself. They fixed any user-created problems in a timely manner and with the utmost professionalism. Thanks guys!”

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