LinuxNovember 20, 20200CentOS 7 (2009) is ready for download

Johnny Hughes has announced the availability of CentOS Linux 7 (2009) for the x86_64 architecture. Let’s see the details of the CentOs latest release.

CentOS Linux 7 (2009) for the x86_64 architecture has been released by Johnny Hughes. This is the current release of the legacy branch of distribution which is derived from the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.9. As this release supersedes all previously released content for CentOS Linux 7, users are advised to upgrade their machines.

What’s new?

  • Python 3 is now available. Installing the python3 package gives you the Python 3.6 interpreter
  • SSSD has been rebased to version 1.16.5
  • pacemaker has been rebased to version 1.1.23
  • MariaDB has been rebased to 5.5.68
  • Since release 1503 (abrt>= 2.1.11-19.el7.centos.0.1) CentOS-7 can report bugs directly to
  • If you plan to use Security Profiles in Anaconda
  • Many packages have received important updates
  • Default desktop layout has changed and is documented in upstream

To download CentOS Linux 7 (2009)

“Note that older content, obsoleted by newer versions of the same applications are trimmed off from repositories like Extras/ and Plus/; however, this time we have also extended this to the SIG content hosted at, and some older End of Life content has been dropped,” said Johnny Hughes.

Click here to download CentOS 7 (2009) from its official mirrors

See the full list of mirrors:

You can find information for the ISO/torrent files and sums are available here. The Cloud images are posted here. For downloading, the CentOs team recommends using torrents to get your initial installer images. Here are the details:

Details on the images are available on the mirrors at – that file clearly highlights the difference in the images, and when one might be more suitable than the others.

sha256sum x86_64:





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