Dade2November 20, 20200Kali Linux 2020.4 is ready for download

The Kali team announced the release of Kali Linux 2020.4. The latest version is now available for download or updating.

Kali Linux 2020.4 is released and ready for download. In the latest version, the Kali team switched from Bash to ZSH as its default shell. For the next releases, ZSH will be the default shell for its desktop images (amd64/i386) and cloud. The Kali team also announced that for other platforms, such as ARM, containers, NetHunter, and WSL, Kali still uses Bash but plans to switch to ZSH in the later versions. Users can switch to ZSH by simply applying the default zshrc file.

Kali Linux 2020.4

Bash shell makeover and AWS EC2 cloud image refresh

The Kali team also updated the Bash prompt to make it feel similar to its ZSH prompt. The first changes in the Bash prompt were made in the previous release, changing for non-root users, from red to blue. 

Kali Linux has been on AWS since 1.0.6. In Kali 2020.2, the team introduces a fully automated system in place. During the changeover, they decided to ship the image without any GUI or any tools by default, to give the cleanest, smallest image as possible. However, in the 2020.4 version, the team has created a new metapackage, “kali-linux-headless”, and included it which only has the default set of command-line tools. The team also worked with AWS to get Kali Linux added to “GovCloud”. 

New tools and updates

The latest version also brings new tools and updates. The kernel is upgraded to the 5.9 version. Kali also switched to “proxychains4” as the default. GNOME is also updated to 3.38 and KDE to 5.19. The team also announced that they are producing a VMware Vagrant image.

New tools in Kali Linux:

  • Apple bleee
  • CertGraph
  • dnscat2
  • FinalRecon
  • goDoH
  • hostapd-mana
  • Metasploit Framework v6
  • Whatmask

Download Kali Linux 2020.4

Kali Linux 64-Bit (Installer) | ISO | Torrent | 4.1G | SHA256Sum: 50492d761e400c2b5e22c8f253dd6f75c27e4bc84e33c2eff272476a0588fb02

Kali Linux 64-Bit (Live) | ISO | Torrent | 3.3G | SHA256Sum: 4d764a2ba67f41495c17247184d24b7f9ac9a7c57415bbbed663402aec78952b

Kali Linux 64-Bit (NetInstaller) | ISO | Torrent | 471M | SHA256Sum: fbbb3b86567892f91b8298be7c03e9be8c78c6f048e4c6fff539948743465d79

Kali Linux 32-Bit (Installer) | ISO | Torrent | 3.4G | SHA256Sum: 39aa231bc209e19a2fd91c145f23a8dde70a4bc540877a77e56b1c7a733337fd

Kali Linux 32-Bit (Live) | ISO | Torrent | 2.8G | SHA256Sum: 10e81e2d1ed7bc100398871db45b628c11199a9901b1935bc56b5a8e9dc62667

Kali Linux 32-Bit (NetInstaller) | ISO | Torrent | 330M | SHA256Sum: 98bfcaef596d00d3b9a395ee4885ad3f91c0078f86cfe8c80653753dc7077fd3

If you want to download VM or ARM alternatives, go to Kali Linux Downloads page.


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