SoftwareNovember 20, 20200Clonezilla Live 2.7.0-10 released

The Clonezilla team announced that the company had released the latest version that includes enhancements and bug fixes.

Clonezilla project published the latest release of Clonezilla Live, version 2.7.0-10. Clonezilla Live is a Debian-based partition and disk cloning software. Clonezilla Live’s latest version includes updated packages, various bug fixes, and new language support, Korean.

Enhancements and changes in 2.7.0-10:

  • The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository.
  • Linux kernel was updated to 5.9.1-1.
  •  Korean support added.
  • Format the parameters of ocs- command about the device name so that it can be with or without /dev/, e.g., /dev/sda or sda. 
  • Save OS-related info in the image dir as the file name Info-OS-prober.txt
  • Packge live-boot was updated to 1:20201022-drbl1, which was patched to have a mechanism for netboot via iPXE with static IP address, no DHCP.
  • ocs-sr’s option -f|–from-part-in-img is changed as -f|–from-part since it now supports both from an image and a device.
  • Implement a better mechanism to run ocs-onthefly: Now ocs-onthefly mainly uses ocs-sr to save the pseudo image, and let partclone do the device to device clone. This is similar to that of Clonezilla lite server. Due to this improvement, some major changes for ocs-othefly in order to sync with that of ocs-sr:
  • These options have been changed to totally different meanings: -d|–destination|–target was -t|–target. -po|–port was -p|–port. –net-filter was -i|–filter. -p|-pa|–postaction was -pa|–postaction. -u|–use-nuttcp was -u|–use-netcat.
  • New options: -t|–no-restore-mbr -t1|–restore-raw-mbr -t2|–no-restore-ebr
  • By default, the network cloning is changed to use zstd to compress the data instead of gzip.
  • ocs-update-initrd: Remove useless prompt.
  • cnvt-ocs-dev: dev-fs.list is now converted, too. Add a tag file in the converted image.
  • For drbl-ocs.conf: Remove: PARTCLONE_RESTORE_ONTHEFLY_OPT_INIT Add: ONTHEFLY_NET_PIPE=”nuttcp” NC_PORT_DEFAULT=”9000″ PARTCLONE_LOG=”/var/log/partclone.log”
  • If a disk has not any partition, it can not be the source for ocs-onthefly. It will just quit to avoiding confusion.
  • Add “–rsyncable” for zstd saving.
  • Since zstdmt is equivalent to zstd -T0, remove “-T${cpu_no}” in extra_zstdmt_opt.
  • Use -np|–net-pipe PROGRAM instead of -u|–use-netcat in ocs-onthefly so that it’s easier to switch, and it can be selected in the expert mode.
  • Add uuid-runtime, scsitools, blktool, safecopy and gpart to the packages list of clonezilla live.
  • Add option -rvd to ocs-onthefly so that we can choose to remove the NTFS volume dirty flag in source NTFS file system before cloning it.
  • Add support for loop devices: Disk images attaches as block devices. Thanks to MichaIng.
  • Newer zip can create zip file larger than 2 GB. Hence ocs-live-dev should use zip to create the recovery zip file, not force to change that to tar.


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