securitySoftwareJune 11, 20200Imunify360 4.9 Beta released

imunifySecurity announced that a new beta version of Imunify360, version 4.9, is now available for users.

The latest version of Imunify360 includes various new features. Starting from version 4.9, Imunify360 now supports CentOS 8 with Plesk, CentOS 8 with DirectAdmin, CentOS 8 as stand-alone, CloudLinux OS 8 with DirectAdmin, and CloudLinux OS 8 as stand-alone. The installation process for the Imunify360 remains the same. imunifySecurity team also announced that greylisting and captcha are available, WebShield serves correct SSL certificates for hosted domains and prevents HTTPS attacks in version 4.9.

File Change Service/API support

With the latest release, the file watcher for real-time scanning has been extended to support File Change API on CloudLinux OS 7. It improves the detection rate for the systems with limited monitoring capacity. CloudLinux File Change API is a kernel-level technology that buffers the list of modified files in the kernel, then provides the list to the daemon or external application. Real-Time Scan can be enabled by checking the “Optimize real-time scan” checkbox in the settings.

Customized Google reCAPTCHA

Starting from v4.9, Imunify360 allows an admin to specify reCAPTCHA keys for the server. Imunify360 team also announced that in further releases, they plan to completely remove embedded keys, and replace Google reCAPTCHA with Splash Screen for the installation without specified custom keys.

The company also stated that in version 4.9, Proactive Defense and the Malware Scanner are more tightly integrated. It prevents stand-alone malicious executables from running, which will significantly reduce the number of re-infections and new malware drops such as web-shells, phish pages, and stand-alone backdoors. This protection is enabled by default, and doesn’t require any manual settings.

Version 4.9 also includes a UI enhancement, one that allows bulk processing of IP addresses. It minimizes the time required to perform mass IP actions such as:

  • Moving IPs to the White List/Black List
  • Deleting IPs from a list
  • Moving IPs to a group

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