How Setup Outlook with Email Hosting (Cpanel)

Sending email is generally one of the most important things that people need to do to manage their online business. In this regard, various programs have been introduced, of which the outlook program is one of the main ones. You can easily have this program on your desktop system and manage your business emails after connecting it to your host. One of the advantages of this program is that you can also connect your Outlook to your mobile phone.

How to configure outlook to connect to hosts #

In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to connect CPanel hosting emails to outlook software so that you can then connect the email accounts created on your website hosting to outlook software and send your emails from Send and receive inside Windows by this software.

What is outlook and what does it do? #

Outlook is one of the programs available in Microsoft office and can be said to be one of the most complete and advanced tools for managing personal information and daily affairs.

Another feature of outlook is that you can connect any number of Gmail and yahoo email accounts you have to this software. You can also connect the email accounts in your website host to this software so that you can manage your incoming emails through your Windows computer.

It should also be noted that using outlook software allows you to put other highly advanced settings on your email accounts. This software includes features such as daily calendar and daily affairs management.

Another feature of Outlook is that you can sync this program with your mobile phone or other desktop system and thus manage all your incoming emails and daily affairs even outside the workplace.

We have decided to teach you how to connect your CPanel email account to outlook in both 2016 and 2020 versions.

How to Create email account in CPanel : #

In the first step, you need to create email on your host and then using the specifications provided to you, such as mail server or email hosting information of your website. In this regard, you should doing the following steps :

1. You must login to your hosting control panel to create email account. We have provided this tutorial here based on CPanel.

2. Then click on the Email accounts icon via the Email section to enter the page related to your email accounts.


3. On the above page, in front of the existing email addresses of your hosts, there is a section called Connect Devices, which information you need to have in order to connect CPanel host emails to outlook software. For this purpose, you must click on the above option as shown in the image.



4.In the new page that is shown to you, there are two general boxes under the phrase Mail Client Manual Settings, which contain two categories of information. You will need this information to connect CPanel host email to outlook software.

The above information is divided into two main categories, which are:

Secure SSL / TLS Settings (Recommended):
Using the values provided in this section is useful when the ssl certificate is active on your host and you want to send your desired email account through a secure ssl protocol to software such as Outlook
. It should be noted that CPanel also recommends using this mode to connect emails.

Non-SSL Settings (NOT Recommended):
Using the settings in this section is useful when the ssl certificate is not active on your host or you yourself do not want to connect the e-mail account through the ssl protocol to software such as outlook.

In fact, if you connect your website to the outlook software via secure mode or ssl account, all your sent and received emails will be sent encrypted, thus securing the sending and receiving of your email data. Increases appropriately.

Outlook 2020 setup tutorial #

In order to activate outlook 2020 for your email host, you must follow the steps below:

  1. In the first step, you need to enter the outlook 2020 program on your system.
  2. Then a page like the one below will show you where you need to enter your email address in the field and then click the Connect button.

  3. In the next step, a list of different types of settings called Advanced setup will be shown to you, from which you must select the IMAP or POP option.

  4. At this point, you will be presented with a new page that contains information about your IMAP or POP3 account settings. In this article, we select the IMAP account by default.

The settings in this section consist of two main sections, each of which contains different information:

Incoming mail: This section contains information about incoming emails.

Server: In this field, you must enter the server address of your host.
Port: In this field, you must enter the input port of your email. If you are using SSL/TLS mode, set 995 in POP3 mode and 993 in IMAP mode. If you want to use non-SSL mode, use 110 in POP3 mode and port 143 in IMAP mode.

Encryption method: Through this section, you must determine whether you want to use safe or insecure mode. It is better to select SSL/TLS mode for this part.

Require Login using Secure Password Authentication: This option is for password authentication, which is better to leave it unchanged.

Outgoing mail: This part refers to the settings related to the sent email.

Server: In this section, you must enter the email address of your host server.

Port: In this section, you must enter the output port of your email. This port is 465 in SSL/TLS mode and 110 in Non-SSL mode.

Encryption method: Using the options in this field, you determine whether you want to receive the email encrypted or not. Change this option to SSL/TLS mode.

Require Login using Secure Password Authentication: As mentioned before, there is no need to activate this option and you must leave this section unchanged.

After entering the desired information, you must click the Next button to save the applied settings.

5. If you have entered the information correctly, the bottom screen will show you that you need to enter the email password to which you want to connect the outlook and click the Connect button.

6. Finally, you will see another new page with the message “Account Successfully added“. At this point, just click the Done button to enter your email hosting page in outlook.

7. After entering your email management through outlook, you will be faced with a page like the image below, and you can send an email using the New Email section and manage your emails in general.

Outlook 2016 setup tutorial :

If you are using Outlook 2016, the settings you see are slightly different from the 2020 version. For this reason, we will teach you the settings of this version step by step.

  1. In the first step, you must enter your outlook settings via the File in top menu, as shown below.
  2. Then you have to click the Add Account button on this page and through the Account Information section to start the process of adding a new email address for you.

3. In this step, a new page will be displayed that has two general sections:
Auto Account Setup: By selecting this option, you specify that the connection be made automatically.
Manual Setup: By selecting this option, you specify that you want to manage the connection settings manually.

You must select one of these two items and then click the Next button.

4. After selecting the manual mode, a page like the one below will be shown to you, in this step you must select your email account type. You must select the POP or IMAP option and click the Next button again.

How to add email to outlook software 2016

After you have completed the above steps, it is time to enter your email information to connect to Outlook. To do this, you must proceed as follows:

  1. In the first step of the process of connecting email account to outlook, you will see a page like the one below.

The information you need to enter in the fields specified on this page are:

Your name: In this field, you must enter your name.
Email address: Enter the email address you want to connect to your outlook software in this field.

Account type: As mentioned in the Outlook 2020 tutorial, this section includes two general modes, POP3 and IMAP. You have to choose between the two. We have selected POP3 for this tutorial by default.

Incoming mail server: In this field, you must enter the address of your incoming email server. The above address is available in the incoming server section.

Outgoing mail server SMTP: In this section, you have to enter the output server address of your host emails, which is usually SMTP. This address can also be seen in the outgoing server section.

Username: In this field, you must enter your username, which you can see in the Username section of the Mail Client Manual Settings, which was described earlier. Normally the username is the same as your email address.

Password: In this section, you must enter the password to log in to your hosting account correctly. Usually, the password for this part is the same as your email password that you set when creating your email account in Cpanel hosting.

2. At this time, you need to apply some other side settings. To do this, on the page that opens for you, click the More Setting button to open your Internet Email Setting window.
In this window, click on the Outgoing Server tab and check the My Outgoing Server SMTP option and then click the Ok button.

3. Now in the same window, click on the Advanced tab to show you a page like the one below. In this field, you must enter the port number of the mail server.

The information that should be entered in this section is:

Incoming server POP/IMAP: Information about your ports can be seen in the Mail Client Manual Settings section. The port for POP3 is 995 and the port for IMAP is 993. Keep in mind that the ports listed are for secure mode or SSL/TLS which is our recommended mode.

this server requires an encrypted connection SSL: Considering that in the first steps of the training it was mentioned that it is better to exchange your emails through the secure SSL protocol, you should check this option.

Outgoing server SMTP: Your output port is visible in the Mail Client Manual Settings section. The above port, which is visible in front of the SMTP Port expression, is 465.

Use the following type of encrypted connection: This option is related to having a secure connection, you must activate this option and finally click the OK button.

4. Now click the Next button to test the email connection created and make sure the process is followed correctly. If you encounter a window like the one below, the CPanel email process to the outlook software is followed correctly.

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