How Add New OpenVPN User in Pfsense

In the tutorial “How to set up OpenVPN in pfsense”, we learned how to set up openvpn in pfsense. Now we will teach you how to add new users in openvpn.

  • First go to the following section in pfsense : System > User Manager
  • Click “Add” to create a new user

  • Enter a Username, Password, and password confirmation
  • Fill in Full Name (optional)

  • Check Click to create a user certificate, which will open the certificate options panel

  • Enter the user’s name or some other pertinent information into the Descriptive Name field
  • Choose the same Certificate Authority used on the OpenVPN server
  • Choose a Key Length (may be left at the default)
  • Enter a Lifetime (may be left at the default)
  • Click Save


How to view or change the user in pfsense: #


  • Navigate to System > User Manager
  • Click  next to the row containing the user to see/edit

After creating a new user, go to the following path: VPN > OpenVPN > Client Export

Go to the bottom of the page in this section, if you have done the steps of creating a new user correctly, you will find the user you created here. Then you can find the VPN profile of the user you want.


After downloading the profile, import it into OpenVPN Client. If the certificates are created correctly, you can connect to your pfsense network via VPN.

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