How to know what the Zabbix server version ?

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If you have worked with Zabbix monitoring software, you may need to know what version of Zbix you are using. This is important when you want to update your Zbix, for example. You can check your software version with a simple command on the Zbix server command line.

zabbix_server –version


What Is Zabbix : #

Zabbix is an open source application created by Alexei Vladishev and one of the most powerful programs for monitoring networks and applications. This software is designed to monitor and detect the status of network services, servers and other network hardware.

Zabbix can collect almost all network information. This system has the ability to monitor thousands of servers and network equipment at the same time. Zabbix can be installed on Linux, Unix and Windows systems. Zabbix supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle and IBM DB2 for data storage.

Server-side programming uses C language and user-side programming uses PHP language. Zabbix monitoring software is also released under the GPL V2 license, so it is completely free for commercial and non-commercial use. Zabbix software by Zabbix team SIA is developed and supported.


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